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Battery box 24V FLX M

Article Number: FM010000024BB01
E-number: 5213573

SSF1014 / EN54-4 approved battery box for two 45 Ah batteries.

Comes with ready-made cable with 9-pin connector for connection to 24 V battery backups, FLX M or FLX L. The battery box is pushed into tracks on the underside of the device above. Includes sabotage connector. The battery box is pushed to the bottom of the Battery Backup FLX M & FLX L and connected against the finished 9-pin connector. Mounting: Wall or 19″ rack. Batteries: Two 45 Ah, UPLUS 10+ Design Life AGM batteries*. *If the appliance is certified, use batteries with which the appliance is certified.

Security class (IP-klass)

Recommended environment

Recommended mounting

19" rack, Wall

Height units


Dimensioner (Höjd x Bredd x Djup)

224 x 437 x 212 mm

Net weight


Number of cable ports

3, possible to have outlet holes on rear

Voltage in (V)

27.3 VDC

Current out

27.3 VDC (24 V)

Battery type

12 V maintenance free AGM battery

Recommended battery

2 UPLUS 12 V, 45 Ah batteries

Batteries included


Tamper switch


Lockable enclosure

Yes, two keys included.

In-stock article


Normal dlivery time

Guarantee period

2 years

Certified in accordance with

, , , , ,

Certificate number (SBSC)

18-243, 20-117

Product meets requirements in accordance with

CE directive in accordance with:765/2008, EMC Directive 2014/30EU, Emission: EN61000-6-:2001, EN55022:1998:-A1:2000, A2:2003 Class B, EN61000-3-2:2001, Immunity: EN61000-6-2:2005, EN61000-4-2, -3, 4, -5, -6, -11. SS-EN 50 130-4:2011 Edition 2 & SSF1014 Alarm class 1-4 (Burgler alarm).

Country of origin


Milleteknik AB


All specifications subject to change in event of product changes or incorrect data

Product Files



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