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Power supply for access systems and burglar alarms

Here you will find products aimed at access systems, burglar alarms, locking systems, door environments, Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras, etc.

Power supply for fire alarms

Here you will find products aimed at fire alarms.

Power supply for PoE devices

Here you will find products that support PoE – Power over Ethernet.

Power supply without batteries

Sometimes you don’t need batteries. Here you will find our power supplies.

UPS - for doors, ports and industry

Here you will find our assortment for uninterruptible power.



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About us

Quality and environment


Our most competent units SSF certified and with communication.


Easy and dependable battery backup for smaller installations such as single door environments, smoke hatches, and other security systems.


Power over Ethernet (PoE) fail-safe battery backup for surveillance cameras and other security equipment requiring backup power and PoE.


12 V AGM batteries and front terminal batteries.


NEO is suitable for security installations with higher requirements regarding increased functions, alarm functions, longer back-up operating times or when the battery backup needs to be able to handle higher loads.


EN54 approved battery backup for fire alarm systems requiring EN54-4 or SBF 110:8 approval.


Encapsulated and rack-mounted primary switched power supplies.

Optional & Accessories

Need additional fuse cards for more outputs exits or alarm circuit boards? We have a full range of battery backup options.

How does a battery backup work?

Learn more about battery backup