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Category: Refurbished products

Refurbished products

About our refurbished products

Although not brand new, our refurbished products have the same functionality and performance as their brand-new counterparts. Here are some reasons to choose a refurbished product:

Quality assurance: When products are refurbished, they undergo a thorough inspection and repair by experienced technicians. Any errors or defects are corrected to ensure that the product works optimally. The refurbishment process may include the replacement of parts that are worn or damaged, helping to restore the original quality of the product.

Warranties and Support: Refurbished products come with the same warranties offered for new products.

Eco-friendly alternative: By purchasing a refurbished product, you are helping to reduce electronic waste and promote sustainability. Instead of a working product being recycled, it gets a second chance through refurbishment. This reduces the product’s overall environmental footprint and resource consumption.

Cost savings: One of the most obvious advantages of refurbished products is the lower price compared to brand new ones.

Refurbished products are ordered through our Web shop and cannot be ordered by phone. The number of products is severely limited, we process orders in turn.

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