Technical Support

All products from Milleteknik include free phone and email support for the entire warranty period.

We design our products to be long-lasting and trouble-free. But, naturally, things happen and when they do, we are there. Our technical support team handles all types of support requests, complaints, and spare parts. Tying our support staff to our development team, provides us with a fast and straightforward pway to handle advanced support cases.

Our support team handles all types of support cases, from advice and telephone support for simple operations, such as battery replacement, to advanced support cases.

Our technical support is available by phone 031-340 02 30: Monday-Friday 08:00-16.00. (Closed 11:30-13:15) or email.

If you have questions about product performance or other product issues, please contact the sales department,

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Milleteknik designs and builds products for long life. We always provide a minimum of two years warranty on all our own products. Warranties take effect from the date you receive the product. If you purchase a product that has a battery, special battery terms apply, see below. Several of our products have up to five years warranty. For products that do not have a 5 year warranty, you can purchase an additional 3 year warranty period.

Purchases via wholesalers or other supplier may be subject to different warranty conditions. 

Warranty for batteries purchased through Milleteknik

The batteries are under warranty for 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Batteries lose power the older they are, since batteries generate energy through a chemical process that never completely stops, even if the battery is not used. Batteries are labeled by the battery manufacturer’s production date and no battery leaving Milleteknik shall be older than 6 months – this to ensure our customers receive batteries that are “fresh”.

Milleteknik does not provide a warranty for batteries older than 12 months.