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What does a battery backup do?

A battery backup runs the security components in buildings that need backup power when there is a power failure. A building, like an office, has components that require power even when there power is out. Doors may be equipped with locks requiring electrical power to operate, or smoke hatches that must open in case of potential fire. Our battery backups convert the voltage from the mains (230 VAC) to 12 VDC, 24 VDC or 48 VDC. The battery backup itself operates electronic locks, access systems, fire alarms, smoke hatches and more during all hours of the day, 365 days a year, a total of 8,700 hours annually. Of course, this places very heavy demands on the equipment. In addition to the task of powering different systems during operation, the battery backup should also be able to operate the systems in case of potential power outage.

The number of different locks, card readers, smoke hatches and more that a battery backup can operate depends on the capacity of the internal power supply & the battery capacity of the enclosure or cabinet. Different projects require different types of features. Milleteknik builds battery backups to fit everything from a door environment in a condominium to large integrated systems with many doors in environments such as arenas, airports, & hospitals. The major systems we supply are usually system integrations that must comply with strict requirements (certifications) regarding reliability, steering communications, & security.

Battery backup with no possibility of communication: ECO Series & NEO

Battery backup with possibility of communication with parent systems: NOVA Series & EN54 Series