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Here’s where you can buy our products

Our products can be purchased from nationwide distributors.

In the Swedish market, our products are available for purchase at the following distributors. For distributors outside of Sweden or if you have questions about product performance, please contact sales@milleteknik.se or call 031-340 02 30.

Elektroskandia Sverige AB

Phone: 0771-391 000
Email: order@elektroskandia.
Website: www.elektroskandia.se

Copiax AB

Phone: 08-740 89 00
Email: order@copiax.
Website: www.copiax.se

AXS Nordic AB

Phone:031-780 59 00, 08-607 30 05
Email: info@axsnordic.com
Website: axsnordic.com

Solar Sverige AB

Phone: 0771-111 100
Email: kundcenter@solar.se
Website: www.solar.se


Phone: 08-556 214 00
Email: see website
Website: www.rexel.se

Ahlsell Sverige AB

Phone: see website
Email: see website
Website: www.ahlsell.se

Teletec Connect AB

Phone: 08-602 16 00
Email: see website
Website: www.teletec.se

Noby AS

Phone: +47 23 02 14 00
Email: see website
Website: www.noby.no

Fibex AS

Email: fibex@fixbex.no
Website: www.fibex.no