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What is an integrated system? (And what does a battery backup do there?)

An integrated system is a system where all (security) parts that are monitored and powered by electricity are interconnected as a unit. A sub-center is the unit that the parts are connected to, for example, door locks and card readers and other alarm/safety components. One way of thinking is to say that the sub-center is the brain in the system. A sub-central unit may be connected to an emergency call center which receives alarms and logs from the sub-central unit.

If the sub-center is the brain, then the battery backup is the heart that supplies all the parts with electricity and makes them work. The battery backup takes electricity from the power grid, 230 V, and converts it into a voltage that the units in the sub-center can manage, 24 V. The battery backup has a battery that ensures that the units in the integrated system have power if the electricity from the power grid should be interrupted. A battery backup that communicates with the sub-center is a communicating battery backup.
One of Milleteknik’s strengths is in building stabile, high quality battery backups with have long operational life.
Battery backups with communication for integrated systems: NOVA Series & EN54 Series.