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Working at Milleteknik

Milleteknik is a technology-driven development company with its own production. We design and build products based on our own research. We have three main areas of operation, which are described below.

R & D (Research and Development)

In our R&D department, designers and specialists work with product development, primarily of battery backups and UPSs. Our main guiding principles in product development are quality & innovation – focused on building cost-effective and reliable products that are easy to install.


Our technicians are part of the production process. To work as a technician at Milleteknik requires accuracy, familiarity with tools, and a drive to build the best battery backups and UPSs in the Nordic market. Our logistics team are also part of the production process, managing everything from the receival of components to the delivery of finished products.


Our sales department works with customer visits, follow-up, project planning, & order reception. We take part in trade fairs and in other industry forums. Our sales department comprises both traveling salespeople, in-house sales reps, & order staff.

And everything else…

Of course, to provide support and support to our departments, we also have other administrative departments such as finance, HR, IT, and others.

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