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System Integrators

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Milleteknik collaborates with a number of different players in the Swedish and Nordic markets. This means that we manufacture components for parent security systems such as access systems, fire alarm systems, and others. We customize our products to work seamlessly with these parent systems. In addition to power supply, our products also supply backup power to security systems as well as data on the electrical status of the security system. This makes the security systems even more secure and by generating data such as batter status, interruptions can be avoided, thus making safety systems even more secure.

Have questions about system integration? Please contact sales@milleteknik.se. 


ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions AB

Phone: 08-775 16 00
Email: orderarx.se.openingsolutions@assaabloy.com
Website: www.assaabloy.se

Pacom Group

Telephone: 08-121 398 00
Website: pacom.com

RCO Security AB

Phone: 08-546 560 10
Email: order@rco.se
Website: www.rco.se




System House Solutions AB

Phone: 08-602 30 00
Email: info@systemhousesolutions.
Website: systemhousesolutions.com


Tidomat AB

Phone: 08-508 600 10
Email: info@tidomat.
seWebsite: www.tidomat.se

Vanderbilt Industries

Telephone: 08-629 03 00

E-mail: orders.nordic@vanderbiltindustries.
comWebsite: https://shop.vanderbiltindustries.com/sv-se/