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Register your battery backup and get 1 year of additional warranty protection

A service for you

By registering your battery backup, you receive an additional year of warranty. The warranty applies to products that currently have one or two years warranty and are made by Milleteknik. If other agreed warranties are in place, they take precedence by registering you will only receive information and news from Milleteknik. This offer does not replace any previous agreements.

How does it work?

By registering your product, you will also receive newsletters from Milleteknik with product news, but we can also send out information about updates for your registered battery backups.

How much does it cost?

Registration is free, We also offer, free of charge, the opportunity to receive an email when it is time to change batteries. In conjunction with the battery replacement email, you will also receive a special offer on the best batteries for your device.

What if I need to change batteries befoearlierre?

Should you need to change your batteries earlier, just let us know, we’ll send you batteries and move the next replacement date forward. You only pay for the batteries we send you. If you have batteries that we have delivered earlier, these may still be under warranty. (The warranty period for new batteries is 6 months.)

Do you have questions?

Please send your question to registrering@milleteknik.se.

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