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Changes in our Support Section – Meet Robert

We are very proud of our support section and are always striving to give our customers even better help. As part of these efforts, we have made some changes. Some of the changes will be introduced on an ongoing basis and some are already in place.

Robert Spånell is taking over from Anders Bengtsson, who is moving on. We thank Anders for his contribution to Milleteknik and wish him the best of luck!

• During September, we will introduce a new case management system which will make each support case easier to follow.

• Users will be able to chat with support.

• We have posted FAQs, (frequently asked questions and answers on) our website. This makes it easy to find the answers to the most common questions.

• Training in our configuration tool and digital product briefings will be bookable via www.milleteknik.se

Opening hours for telephone support will stay the same: Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00, (closed 11:30-13:15).

Meet Robert!

Robert Spånell, Milleteknik Support

Robert has worked as a fitter and knows Milleteknik’s products like no other.

Who is Robert?

-I have worked at Milleteknik as an assembler since 2019. Before that I worked with support at Gycom. I am a social person who is not afraid to step up and help where needed. One of my strengths is that I do not give up on a problem until it is solved and the customer is satisfied. I see my role as working together with the customers to solve any problems. Our products are an integral part of security systems – they simply must work.

Is support necessary?

-Support will always be needed. We at Milleteknik do our best to build products that are as problem-free as possible, but things can always go wrong. If and when that happens, customers need help as quickly as possible. That’s why I’m here!

How do you see the future of support?

In a few years, I think, most support work will cover training in how to use our products. The best support is to be train users before problems arise. Our digital tools enable us to help customers quickly.

You can reach Robert at: 031 -34 00 230 or support@milleteknik.se