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8 Output module PTC

Article Number: A-FU122408OP02
E-number: 52 137 22

Fuse cards, with sum-alarm, are used to protect electronic circuits from damage due to overcurrent or short circuit.

Fuse card with eight 1-pin fused outputs. The board has PTC fuses that trip when the rated current is exceeded and reset when the overcurrent is gone. For 12 V DC or 24 V DC.

Power outlet: Nominal 1.85 A per output.
Holding current: 0.1 A.
Trigger current: 2.7 A

Where does the card fit?

ECO M: 2 slots for optional/ additional cards. NEO FLX S / NOVA FLX S: 2 slots for optional additional cards. NEO / NOVA FLX M: 3 slots for optional/ additional cards. NEO / NOVA FLX L: 3 slots for optional/ additional cards. 19 rack module holder: 8 slots for optional/ additional card. DIN rail via the option: DIN module holder.

Recommended environment

Security class (IP-klass)

Recommended mounting

19 rack module holder, ECO Medium, FLX L, FLX M, FLX S


Yes, with the optional DIN module holder.

Dimensioner (Höjd x Bredd x Djup)

30 x 40 x 89 mm

Net weight

Voltage in (V)

13,6 VDC, 27.3 VDC

Number of current inputs

2, makes any needed service easier

Current out

13.6 VDC (12 V), 27.3 VDC (24 V)

Number of unsecured (load-) outputs

Type of fuse / ouput

8 PTC-fuses

Alarm via

Changeover relay, Pin list for connection to battery backup

Alarm functions

Fuse failure

In-stock article


Normal dlivery time

Guarantee period

2 years

Product meets requirements in accordance with

CE directive in accordance with:765/2008, EMC Directive 2014/30EU, Emission: EN61000-6-:2001, EN55022:1998:-A1:2000, A2:2003 Class B, EN61000-3-2:2001, Immunity: EN61000-6-2:2005, EN61000-4-2, -3, 4, -5, -6, -11


Milleteknik AB

Country of origin


All specifications subject to change in event of product changes or incorrect data

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