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Article Number: FM01P23024P150-SSF
E-number: 5213639

SSF1014 Approved, EN50131-6 Certified battery backup 24V 15 (A) Amps with space for two 20 Ah batteries. Optional battery packs for up to 180 Ah battery capacity.

The NOVA family is mainly used in security systems where an SSF 1014* approved battery backup is required or where communication to the parent system is required. Nova series battery backup has high flexibility, advanced alarm features, long spare operating times, can handle high loads and has communication. NOVA (24 V) is system certified according to SSF1014 together with most systems on the Swedish market. Milleteknik has the right to sell with two different systems on the Swedish market: Sentrion & Integra. RS485 is used for communication with Sentrion S4, S4 DUO & CISS. For communication with Intergra MOVEO, an optional (MOVEO kit) option allows communication with RS-232 to the Integra MOVEO & MOVEO XL. NOVA battery packs have advanced controlled charging* that prevents batteries from being overcharged and significantly prolongs their life. The battery backup reads the attached load and recharges the batteries with the remaining power from the power supply. NOVA Battery Backups also perform battery tests to notify when batteries need to be replaced. To maintain certificates, UPLUS 10+ Design Life AGM batteries shall be used. NOVA has intelligent charging which means that when the batteries are fully charged, they will be put into electronic standby mode for up to 20 days or when the battery voltage drops to 26.7 V. By discharging the batteries controlled and recharging them cyclically (instead of not using them), the service life is extended by up to 50%. The batteries automatically connect in less than 50 microseconds, if needed. Mounting: NOVA can be mounted on wall or in 19″ racks, reversible brackets included. Installation: Fixed installation. Battery types: UPLUS 10+ Design Life AGM batteries. Battery AC power: 6 A Pluggable Battery Boxes: One to four battery boxes with space for two 45 Ah batteries in each battery box. Typical uses:

  • Passes
  • Locking system
  • Alarm system

Note that the battery backup shall be system certified with the parent system for SSF1014 certificate to be valid. Contact us for information about which systems NOVA Series is system certified together with (in addition to Sentrion & Integra). The platform NOVA is based on has great possibilities for custom communication, contact us at 031-34 00 230 or sales@milleteknik.se *Controlled charging means that the batteries are charged with a lower charge voltage to reduce battery wear. This means that batteries are charged full (100%) more slowly. A 12 V, 7.2 battery will be fully charged at most with 30% of 1.2 Ah = 2.16 Ah. If you need a controlled upload time, this is available in our EN54 series. Expected operating time in case of potential power failure:

Recommended environment

Security class (IP-klass)

Recommended mounting

19" rack, Wall

Dimensioner (Höjd x Bredd x Djup)

224 x 437 x 212 mm

Height units


Net weight

Number of cable ports

4, possible to have outlet holes on rear


Built in cooling fan


Voltage in (V)

230 – 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Current out

27.3 VDC (24 V)

Max current

Available charging current (A)

Dependent upon power outlet, though max 6 A

Rated power

336 W

Ripple i normal mode

150 mVp-p


heat generation at 50% / 80% of rated power

31 W / 49 W

Current in (A)

2 A

Number of unsecured (load-) outputs

Type of fuse / ouput

2 15A flat pin fuses

Deep discharge of battery occurs at

21 VDC

Battery type

12 V maintenance free AGM battery

Recommended battery

2 UPLUS 12V 20Ah batteries

Batteries included


Protection against

, , , ,

Alarm via

Changeover relay / RS485 & RS232. Option: TCP/IP

Alarm functions

Battery disconnected (10 sec), Charger error overvoltage, Charger error undervoltage, Delayed power grid failure alarm (10 sec), External alarm via pin list (optional card), Fuse failure (buzzer alarm, alarm output 2), Low battery voltage, Low system voltage, Old battery, Tampering

Number of alarm outputs


Support for communication via

RS-232, RS-485, RS-485/OSDP, TCP/IP

Information via protocol

Alarm for high / low temperature, Alarm from temperature sensor, All standard alarm functions, Fan error, Forced battery test, Highest and lowest battery voltage since start, Highest and lowest temperature since start, Minimum / Max / Average temperature the latest hour / 72 hours, Minimum / Max / Average voltage the latest / 1 hour / 24 hours / 72 hours, Minimum / Max / Average voltage the latest 1 hour / 72 hours, Operational time in event of power outage, Possibility to set alarm levels

Tamper switch


Lockable enclosure

Yes, two keys included.

Number of optional cards that can be placed

Three L-module option, Two 10 output module

In-stock article


Normal dlivery time

Guarantee period

5 years (special warranty conditions apply)

Warranty conditions 5 year warranty

Average load shall not exceed 80 % of power supply's rated capacity-, Battery backup shall be used together with UPLUS 10+ Design Life batteries., Surrounding temperature shall not exceed 32°C., The fan shall be cleaned annually and replaced if needed.

Certified in accordance with


Certificate number (SBSC)

18-243, 20-117

Product meets requirements in accordance with

CE directive in accordance with:765/2008, EMC Directive 2014/30EU, Emission: EN61000-6-:2001, EN55022:1998:-A1:2000, A2:2003 Class B, EN61000-3-2:2001, EN 50131-6:2017, Security Grade 3, Enviromental class 1, Immunity: EN61000-6-2:2005, EN61000-4-2, -3, 4, -5, -6, -11. SS-EN 50 130-4:2011 Edition 2 & SSF1014 Alarm class 1-4 (Burgler alarm)., Low voltage directive: 2014/35/EU


Milleteknik AB

Country of origin


All specifications subject to change in event of product changes or incorrect data

Product Files



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